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PT Agriutama Mandiri Indonesia Jaya

PT Agriutama Mandiri Indonesia Jaya is a supplier agricultural products from Indonesia. Our main product are Coffee, Spice, Coconut  & derivatives. Also provides various types of the Cocoa, palm & derivatives, animal feeds and retail productsWe collaborated with the farmers to produced perfect shoots and work with several factory for  fulfill our product collections.

PT Agriutama Mandiri Indonesia Jaya was established since 2022. We are not the first and not the biggest, we are young but we ensure Your Loyalty In Us. We support Indonesian farmers to improve their lives and local factory to remain sustainable supply chain in agricultural industry also contributed to help grow the Indonesia’s economy.

Vision & Mission

To be trustworthy, reliable and established market leaders in the agricultural industry through collaborated with Indonesian farmers.

1. Supporting Indonesia farmers to create sustainable agricultural industry and the next level market.

2. Perceiving customer at the utmost level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries      and customized solutions for their needs.

3. Maintaining the quality of our products by Internal Control System (ICS). This system enables us to track down the production lines and improve the traceability of our product that collaborated with local certified factory.

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